Altra Business System

The Altra Business System Overview

Altra Business SystemAt the core of our success is the powerful management process we call the Altra Business System (ABS), a comprehensive business management system designed to achieve world-class excellence. The Altra Business System begins with two key ingredients:

The voice of the customer and total associate involvement.

The Altra Business System focuses on improvements in quality, delivery, and cost to drive customer satisfaction. It also provides the tools to achieve specific business objectives with the involvement of all associates. In order to produce world-class, quality power transmission components at competitive prices, Altra uses an integrated approach to manufacturing which manages equipment, materials, and people in the most efficient manner while ensuring a safe and blameless work environment. Some of the key principles followed include: Kanban, JIT, Jidoka, Kaizen and standardized work. Kaizen or continuous improvement, is one of the main drivers of the Altra Business System. Its primary objectives are to identify and eliminate waste in all areas of the facility, including the manufacturing, purchasing, and administrative processes.

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