UpComing Tradeshows

March 03-04, 2015
Energy Construction Forum 2015
Galveston, TX

March 19-22, 2015
New Energy/Small Wind 2015
Husum, Germany

March 31 - April 03, 2015
MMC 2015
Shanghai Hongqiao

  • Plastic Bib Machine Banner with ORC Clutch

    A large manufacturer of die cut lobster bibs was experiencing jams due to the high static cling generated by the web of plastic material as it moved through the process. The static was causing plastic pieces to adhere to equipment rollers, eventually creating jams that were very time consuming to clear.

  • Motor and Drive Efficiency Banner

    Efficiency, reliability and total cost of ownership are all terms that are at the forefront of engineering considerations, however looking at items of equipment on an individual basis may not deliver the maximum benefits. By looking at the wider picture and combining the best technology from individual areas it is possible to achieve much more significant savings and efficiencies.

  • Step-Driven Transport Device

    Me-Mover, an entrepreneurial company located in Denmark, needed a compact clutch solution for their revolutionary new step-driven transport device. The Me-Mover vehicle provides users with a fun, active and energizing way to get to their destination. Ideal for use in urban settings, the device can be easily folded and brought on a bus, train or car.