UpComing Tradeshows

August 25-28, 2015
Sertaozinho - SP, Brasil

September 01-03, 2015
Brazil Windpower 2015
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

September 01-04, 2015
Sydney, Australia

  • Corrugated Box Infeed

    To achieve a higher cycle rate for their customers, a mid-Atlantic packaging system manufacturer increased process speed on a box feeding system. Unfortunately, the higher infeed speed created sufficient variation that resulted in occasional jams. The jams caused a loss of productivity as the flow of packaged product was disrupted.

  • Bauer AsepticDrives

    Van der Lee Seafish Switches to Bauer AsepticDrivesTM to Reducer Costs and Improve Productivity. Every week approximately 250 tons of fresh fish is sorted, filleted, breaded, frozen, packaged and shipped from the Van der Lee Seafish facility in Urk, Netherlands.

  • Coal Field Dragline

    Twiflex recently provided GMR-SD caliper brakes for use on a new medium-duty 4,500 ton dragline at a mine in India. The brakes stop the dragline’s load from moving as quickly as possible and bring it to rest in a controlled manner to avoid shocking the drivetrain and machine frame.