UpComing Tradeshows

August 23-26, 2016
Fenasucro 2016
São Paulo, Brazil

September 06-09, 2016
SMM 2016
Hamburg, Germany

September 12-15, 2016
Turbomachinery 2016
Houston, TX

  • Design World Webinar Sure-Flex Plus

    Save the date for this Design World webinar: Keeping Your Coupling Installation on the Straight and Narrow. Several top coupling industry professionals, including TB Wood’s Product Manager John Smihal, will be sharing their best practices for specific coupling installations.

  • tbwoods carbon belt

    The existing TB Wood’s branded QT Power Chain® II belts have been transitioned to an improved belt offering, of the same profile, with carbon fiber tensile cords.

  • SOBO Mobile Controller Banner

    SOBO® iQ controls are now accessible from both android and IOS mobile devices. This new level of convenient accessibility is significant since most SOBO iQ controls are installed in tough, hard-to-reach, isolated areas such as underground or overland mining conveyors.