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September 22-25, 2014
Turbomachinery 2014
Houston, TX

September 23-26, 2014
HUSUM Wind 2014
Husum, Germany

October 06-10, 2014
Agropromash 2014
Moscow, Russia

  • Hurricane Simulator

    A heavy-duty clutch was needed for a massive storm simulator at the University of Florida. The new simulator is a unique machine that creates dynamic simulated Saffir-Simpson Scale Category 5 pressure events that produce rapidly fluctuating, positive and negative pressures on a test specimen to determine at what level failure, if any, occurs.

  • Twiflex VMS FL for Ball Mills

    25 September  2014

    Twiflex, which is part of the Heavy-Duty Overrunning Clutch and Brake division of Altra Industrial Motion, supplies braking systems for both geared and gearless grinding mills. Twiflex told IM that their main focus over the last 12 months has been the development of a large mono spring (floating) spring applied, hydraulic release disc brake for the dual pinion direct drive geared mills.

  • Formspag HPI Clutch for Food Conveyor

    A major food processing OEM needed a cost-effective indexing clutch solution for use on a new cookie filling machine. The indexing clutch is mounted on the conveyor head shaft and translates the reciprocating motion from the crank mechanism into incremental motion in one direction, advancing the conveyor a uniform distance with each drive stroke and then overrunning in the opposite direction on the return stroke.