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August - 2009

17 August 2009

Pool Lift

Rugged Duty Actuator Enhances State of the Art Pool Spa

The benefits of aquatic physical therapy and rehabilitation for those who have difficulty with weight bearing activities due to arthritis, injury or those who are overweight have long been known.

There is also a significant population of wheelchair-bound and disabled persons who use pools and spas for recreation or therapeutic purposes.

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09 August 2009

China Farris Wheel

Warner Clutches and actuators provide a smooth ride on China's Great Wheel

In Beijing, China, plans are underway to build the Great Wheel of China, a giant ferris wheel which will hold the record as the world’s highest observation wheel, with views reaching the famous Great Wall of China.

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09 August 2009

Coupling Types

Coupling Types for Different Applications

After spending money on a powerful new pump and the motor to run it,the next big decision is how to connect the two in a way that maximizes their efficiencies and protects them from normal wear and tear.

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01 August 2009

Meat Processing Packaging

Huco Dynatork Air Motor is "Sweet Find" for Greydon Bagging Machine

When you’re the purchasing manager of a packaging equipment manufacturer that wants to make a basic, relatively low-cost meat packing machine with a fairly high degree of precision and automation, it’s a good day when your design engineer walks in with your power transmission solution.

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