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June - 2010

07 June 2010

Molten Steel Ladle

Ameridrives Modified Americardan 3285 Universal Joints for Steel Mill Slab Caster

The original U-joints installed in this demanding application featured split-flanged yokes. The driven (segment) ends of the U-joints pass through the sidewall of the segment frame and position within 12" of a heat/water wall. The tight space constraints did not allow full access to the roller end of the U-joints. This resulted in mounting bolts that could not be tightened to the torque specifications.

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03 June 2010

Natural Gas Compressor Coupling

TB Woods Custom Designed Disc Coupling for Natural Gas Compressors

After salt had been extracted from subterranean deposits by solution mining, the resulting salt domes located in Louisiana, offered storage space for natural gas. Pumping the gas into and out from these domes called for unique compressor couplings. The facility has two 10,000 HP natural gas compressors and two gas dehydration systems.

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03 June 2010

Grinding Mills

Twiflex VMS-DP Spring-Applied, Hydraulically Released Safety Brake for Copper Mine Grinding Mills

Twiflex Ltd./Hilliard Corp. (USA) supplied VMS-DP grinding mill braking systems to Metso Minerals Industries, Inc. for installation on two Boliden Mineral AB, Autogenous (AG) gearless driven mills located at the Aitik mine in Northern Sweden (the largest open pit copper mine in Europe).

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01 June 2010

Coupling On Natural Gas Compressors

High Power Coupled with Low Vibration

After salt has been extracted from subterranean deposits by solution mining, the resulting salt domes offer storage space for products such as natural gas and ethylene. Pumping those products into and out from the domes sometimes calls for unique compressor couplings.

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