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Warner Electric E320 VAR-04 Tooth Clutch for Oil and Gas Geophysical Logging Trucks

Geo gas logging trucks

A major manufacturer of geophysical logging trucks required a durable clutch for use on their winch drives. The trucks are designed for operation in the harsh Siberian arctic environment. They carry a sophisticated scanner tool which is lowered into oil and gas bore holes to depths of up to 3000m.

Warner Electric E320 VAR-04, size 3200 tooth clutches are utilized on the drivetrain of the truck’s on-board winch system. The tooth clutch is positioned between a slow-moving gear motor and the winch drive. This allows for slow, controlled movement and positioning of the scanner tool/probe inside the bore holes during the measurement of bore characteristics.

The reliable, electrically-operated E320 clutch provides high torque capacity in a small package. Units are activated by power-on and designed for engagement at very low speeds and random operation while serving as a positive coupling drive without slipping. E320 VAR-04 clutches require no wear adjustment and feature sealed bearings for dry operation and a fixed inductor mounted on the ball bearings. Models with non-sealed bearings for oil environments are also available.

Warner Electric E320


  • 3200 Nm static torque
  • No wear adjustment required
  • Fixed inductor mounted to ball bearings

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South Beloit, IL 61080 - USA
Phone: 1-800-825-6544
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