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Industrial Clutch LKB Brakes for Mine Dragline

Dragline Mine Application

A major U.S. mine operator needed to replace some of the brakes on one of their draglines which removes overburden to expose coal deposits. The 8,000-ton dragline features a large boom and a massive bucket, with a capacity of approx. 110 cu.yds. The bucket is lowered over the desired area, dragged along the surface until full, then lifted and swung to a designated dumping area.

Powered by a high voltage cable, connected directly to a power grid, the dragline utilizes a series of electric motors with brakes to drive the hoist rope, drag rope, and propel and swing movement. Industrial Clutch was selected to provide replacement spring-set, pneumatically-released brakes on some of the hoist and drag drives. Under the tough mine operating conditions brakes typically last between 4-5 years before they need to be replaced.

Working closely with their distributor partner, Rocky Mountain Brake, Industrial Clutch supplied LKB 325 brakes, with 300,000 in.lb. torque capacity, for the dragline’s hoist motors and drag rope drives.

Heavy-duty LKB brakes feature high-energy metallic linings with large swept areas ensuring excellent heat dissipation, uniform stopping distances and long lining life. Units also feature high-strength alloy steel drive studs, actuation springs sized for maximum life, and long-life piston seals. Long spline lengths on the brake discs maximize load-carrying capacity.

Industrial Clutch LKB Brakes


  • Spring-set, pneumatically- released brakes
  • Non-asbestos lining materials with large pad areas for maximum heat dissipation
  • High-strength alloy steel drive studs
  • Actuation springs sized for maximum life
  • Induction hardened hub splines

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