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Formsprag Model FHB Backstop for Taconite Pellet Conveyor

Taconite Pellet Conveyor

A large ore ship loading facility in Minnesota required a new replacement backstop for use on a 2,000 ft. long feed conveyor that moves processed taconite pellets to a storage area for eventual loading onto bulk handling great lakes freighters. Due to the remote location and limited maintenance access of the conveyor’s head pulley, the mine planners wanted the new backstop to be positioned at the conveyor’s drive pulley, located 1,000 ft. away from the head pulley. The backstop had to perform in temperatures down to -40° F and withstand the extremely abrasive taconite dust which eventually covers all drive components.

To meet the requirements of this challenging application, Formsprag supplied a Model FHB-60 high-speed external backstop which is designed as a drop-in replacement for competitor units. The FHB design features inner race centrifugal throw-out sprags to provide positive backstopping on heavy-duty inclined conveyor and bucket elevator applications.

The FHB-60 features a maximum speed of 1,800 RPM and a 4,130 lb.ft. (5600 Nm) torque capacity, much higher than competitive units in a smaller envelope. The FHB-60 supplied had a 3.25 in. bore. Per customer request, due to the abrasive taconite dust environment, Formsprag engineers modified the FHB backstop to include optional re-greasing fittings.

Formsprag Clutch FHB Highspeed External Backstop


  • Drop-in replacement for competitor units
  • 1,800 RPM maximum speed
  • 4,130 lb.ft. (5600 Nm) torque capacity
  • Modified with optional re-greasing fittings

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