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Formsprag Model FWW Clutch Coupling for Coal Mine Conveyor

Canadian Coal Mine Conveyor

A large Canadian coal mine needed a clutch solution for a conveyor creep drive system. During extremely cold weather, over weekends when not in use, the conveyor is put into a low speed creep operation which prevents the entire system from freezing up.

A Formsprag FWW clutch coupling is mounted between the conveyor’s main drive and the low speed creep drive to provide smooth clutching when switching from one drive to the other. Cost savings are achieved at both the initial installation because no controls are required to perform the clutching and de-clutching function; and during operation because no set-up or wear adjustments are required so that regular maintenance costs are reduced.

FWW clutch couplings are comprised of an FSO clutch placed between two disc couplings. The torsionally stiff clutch couplings accommodate angular and parallel misalignment and can couple shafts of different sizes. The clutch couplings are designed for applications where the torque requirement is low in comparison to the shaft diameters. The FWW-640 supplied has a torque capacity of 2,066 lb.ft. (2,800 Nm) and a 39.3 HP (29.3 kw) rating.

Formsprag Model FWW Clutch Coupling


  • Clutch couplings are comprised of an FSO clutch placed between two disc couplings
  • 2,066 lb.ft. (2,800 Nm) Torque capacity
  • 39.3 HP (29.3 kw) rating

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