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TB Wood's MTO Sheave for Mine Cone Crusher

Mine Cone Crusher

A major global mining equipment manufacturer needed a replacement sheave for a cone crusher that broke down at a customer’s mine. Cone crushers utilize a gyrating, tapered mantle mounted on a vertical spindle that breaks rock material by crushing it against its concave walls. The rock pieces get smaller as they move past the mantle and eventually fall through an opening at the bottom of the unit onto a transport conveyor. The gyrating, center-mounted spindle is powered by a large, multi-groove V-belt drive that is driven by an electric motor or diesel engine.

The mine was incurring significant losses due to lack of production while the crusher was out of service. A replacement sheave was needed fast. TB Wood’s was contacted by its distributor partner based on TB Wood’s reputation as the “large sheave experts” and its history of delivering in short time frames.

A made-to-order (MTO) solution was manufactured to meet the unique sheave application requirements. The new 35.5” dia., non-standard 14-groove sheave was cast using ductile iron instead of standard gray iron due to high drive speed. The sheave was dynamically balanced at the factory.

As part of its Fastrac program, TB Wood’s was able to manufacture the sheave in just five business days and ship the completed sheave six business days from the initial order date. A normal lead-time is 3-4 weeks, or 15-20 business days.

TB Wood's MTO Sheave


  • 35.5” made-to-order (MTO) sheave
  • 14 grooves
  • Ductile iron
  • Dynamically balanced
  • Manufactured in five business days

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