Introducing Regal Rexnord

Altra Motion is now a part of Regal Rexnord. Our name may have changed, but our commitment to our customers remains the same.

On this website, you will still have access to find Altra Motion brands and resources to support your needs. While growing as one Regal Rexnord, we will continue to provide updates to ensure continued success.

About Regal Rexnord

We Create a Better Tomorrow

By Energy Efficiently Converting Power into Motion™

At Regal Rexnord, our business purpose is to create a better tomorrow by energy-efficiently converting power into motion. For us, this means creating innovative solutions while focused on both customer needs and our commitment to sustainability.

You may not know it, but Regal Rexnord impacts your life every day. Our products enable the fans in HVAC systems that keep us comfortable; the power source that keeps smart buildings running; the agricultural and food service equipment that keeps us fed; and the conveyer systems that keep e-commerce flowing.