Electromagnetic Clutch
Electromagnetic Clutches by Warner/Inertia
WR Brake
Static Spring-Applied Safety Brake WR by Warner/Inertia Dynamics
Power Off Brake
Custom-engineered Miniature Power-off Brake by Warner/Inertia Dynamics/Matrix
Holding Magnet Brake
Holding Magnet by Warner/Inertia Dynamics
XS Brakes
Extra Small Brake (XSB) by Warner Electric

Warner Electric will be attending MD&M West April 12-14, 2022 in Anaheim, California

Warner Electric Products Banner
Warner Electric offers World-Class Brakes & Clutches Designed for Dependable Performance in Medical Equipment Applications

Designed for dependability and quiet operation, Warner Electric’s world-class brakes and clutches are engineered for routine and advanced medical equipment including MRI and CT scanners, X-ray and mammography machines, surgical robots, patient tables and more. Warner's specialty and focus on miniature brake design allows them to provide ideal solutions for a wide variety of medical applications.

Warner Electric engineers work directly with OEM engineers to customize braking solutions through torque requirements, space limitations and more.

Medical OEMs have access to a wide selection of customizable brake and clutch solutions that provide reliable holding performance on various scanning machines to ensure accurate positioning and imaging. In many cases, Warner provides multiple brake models on a single piece of equipment. For example, mobile X-ray machines require special individual braking solutions for vertical, horizontal and pivot movements, including a collapsible tower, travel tube and scanning head as well as cart position-lock brakes

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