Guide to E-Training

Altra Motion provides a variety of online courses for those interested in learning about our products. This short webinar provides a guide to how these courses are organized and how to get the most from them.

Motors: Common Characteristics & Consideration for Altra Product Applications

This course explains common characteristics of electric motors and examines how these characteristics impact the Altra Industrial products that interface with them.

Physics of Altra Products

This course features explanation of common terms such as work, torque, and Horsepower and reviews how these impact Altra products and how to calculate each.

Industrial Clutches & Brakes: Basic or Packaged Configurations

Altra Industrial manufactures clutches and brakes in two common families: Basic and Packaged. This course will explain the differece between the customer-assembled Basic products and the factory-assembled Packaged products.

Intro to Enclosed Gear Drives

Altra Motion provides gearbox solutions from four different brands. This course provides a simple overview of the common configurations provided across all four brands.

Common Overrunning Clutch Solutions

Formsprag, Marland and Stieber provide more than 50 different variations on the overrunning clutch design. This course will focus on the popular few that are commonly used in the industrial marketplace.

Introduction to Backstopping Clutch Solutions

Formsprag, Marland and Stieber provide a very wide range of backstopping clutch solutions. This course will review the products and basic functions for these.

Introduction to Overrunning Clutches

This course will review the basic designs and functions available within the three overrunning clutch brands.