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In this webinar you will learn how Altra’s “Power of One, Strength of Many” promise can make your life easier. We will explore all the advantages of working with various Altra industry-leading brands that, when combined offer the World’s largest selection of electrically released spring-set brakes. Find out how Altra brand engineering teams can help you specify and design standard products or custom-design braking solution that will meet your precise application requirements.
Brake Selection Process

Warner Electric Brake Selection Process

Warner Electric makes four different lines of electric brakes. This course will help you understand how and why you might select between them and the basics of the selection process.
Clutch Selection

Warner Electric Clutch Selection Process

This course will review the process of selecting Warner Electric Clutches across both the basic and package product offerings.

Warner Electric Packaged Clutches & Brakes

A brief review of the various Packaged clutch/brake solutions provided by Warner Electric.

Warner Electric C-Face Clutches & Brakes

The course provides an overview of the UniModule and Electro-Module families of clutches, brakes and clutch/brake combinations. The course give details on steps to for unit configuration and selection.

Warner Electric Shaft Mounted Clutches and Brakes

This course provides a review of the three families of shaft mounted clutches and two families of shaft mounted brakes. Guidance is provided on when one family might be preferred over the others and on basic selection.

Warner Electric Base Mount Clutches and Brakes

This course provides a review of the families of clutches and brakes are base mounted. Brief sizing and selection guidance is provided as well.

Warner Electric Power Supply and Control Concepts

A review of the technology behind power supply/control operation and how these tools interact with our clutches and brakes. 

Warner Electric Power Supply and Control Selection

This webinar will review of the product line offering and guidance of the selection process.

Intro to Permanent Magnet Clutches and Brakes

The MC and MB Permanent Magnet clutches and brakes provide unique problem solving characteristics. This course will review how these products work, the selection process and product line range.
Wrap Spring Clutch Brake

Intro to Wrap Spring Clutches and Brakes!

This course provides basic operating concepts and an explanation of the wrap spring product line.
Wrap Spring Clutch Brake

CB/SCB Wrap Spring Clutch/Brake Selection

This course will review the characteristics and selection process for the CB and SCB wrap spring clutch/brake product lines.

Tension Control Concepts

This course defines some key terms and explains basic tension system functions.

Tension Control Methods

In the previous course we defined various terms and concepts involved with tension control systems. In this course we will review the methods that we use to control tension systems.

Permanent Magnet Electrically Released Brakes

This course will review the commonalities and differences of the three families of Permanent Magnet Electrically Released brakes.
Spring Set Electric Released Brakes

Warner Electric Spring Set Electrically Released Brakes

This webinar will provides an overview of basic brake function and selection process for the three standard families of this product design.