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motionCONNECT, a single-access IIoT solution

motionCONNECT is a single-access IIoT Solution connecting our heavy duty clutches, couplings, and brakes to one common cloud platform.

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To prevent information overload, motionCONNECT provides the right information to the right person at the right time.

Investing in motionCONNECT helps you:

  • Distinguish between failures that require immediate attention vs. planned maintenance
  • Eradicate root causes for failure
  • Reduce unscheduled maintenance and downtime
  • Optimize maintenance planning and component lifetime
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Why motionCONNECT?

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Application-specific capturing of relevant information with optimal integration into Power Transmission components

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Field diagnostics for local acute failure detection; advanced cloud analytics to predict component maintenance time

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Immediate action following acute failures; optimally scheduled component maintenance aligned with operation objectives

Key Market Overviews

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motionCONNECT solutions provide valuable diagnostic data to help keep a wide range of mine operations running smoothly. Gateways from Svendborg Brakes can be installed with Svendborg braking systems, including SOBO iQ controllers and HPUs, to reduce downtime on all types of mine conveyors, winders/hoists and ball and SAG mills. motionCONNECT gateways can be combined with Marland backstops to reduce unscheduled maintenance on mine conveyors.

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Mill operators can significantly reduce downtime on overhead cranes by incorporating motionCONNECT gateways on Stromag braking systems with SIMAN controllers. Mill uptime can also be improved by installing motionCONNECT gateways with Ameridrives U-Joints on continuous casters, roughing, finishing, and pipe mills as well as metal shredders. Marland backstops utilizing motionCONNECT gateways can improve productivity on coke oven and blast furnace feed conveyors.

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Vertical Lift

motionCONNECT solutions detect acute failures and reduce costly unscheduled downtime on all types of vertical lift applications, such as port gantry cranes, winders/hoists, overhead cranes, and construction tower cranes. Gateways integrated with Stromag braking systems and SIMAN controllers, provide critical data directly to crane operator cabin as well as facility control rooms.

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