Given that virtually any application involving motion has the opportunity to utilize an Altra product, it should come as no surprise that we serve a large and diverse set of end markets. This broad-based exposure provides us with a well-rounded perspective and enables us to identify and collect best practices across industries and deploy solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.

Our brands maintain an extensive portfolio of motion control and power transmission products and systems which provide solutions to customers in many end markets around the world. Our technical market-focused sales teams are well versed in specialized applications and have significant experience solving both common and unique customer challenges.

While we maintain extensive knowledge of many applications within many industries, some of our strongest capabilities exist within our Key Markets.

Altra Industrial Motion has been acquired by Regal Rexnord, Corp. For a list of all markets, please Click Here

Aerospace & Defense
Factory Automation & Special Machinery
Material Handling
mediacl mobility
Metals & Mining
turf garden
Turf & Garden, Ag, Construction