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LCB Series Fan Backstops

Models LCB-200 and 400 are economical, low-torque clutches designed to prevent problems associated with windmilling in fan applications. Units can be installed on vertical or horizontal fan shafts without the use of a key. The clutches can accommodate a range of shaft diameters between 1-7/8” and 5”. Units are maintenance-free and easy to install.

Formsprag Clutch LCB Backstop
    • Wide speed range between 0 and (LCB-200 3600/ LCB-400 1800 RPM).
    • Wide temperature operating range between -13 and 194 °F (-25 and 90 °C).
    • Wide bore range for fan shaft (LCB-200 Max 3.5”/ LCB-400 Max 5”) (89mm and 127mm).
    • Torque capacity (LCB-200 150 lb.ft (200Nm)/ LCB-400 850 lb.ft (1150Nm).
    • Drag torque, negligible, < 1.78 (20 Ncm)
    • Easy to install requiring only LCB-200 1.125” and LCB-400 2” of shaft engagement.
    • Lubricated for life (no maintenance required).
    • Bearing life L10 is over 200 years.
    • Compact design with only LCB-200 2-7/8”/ LCB-400 4.95” required space beyond the shaft end of the fan.
    • Self actuated with no power or utility required to operate.
    • Shaft mounted design has been tested to over 200% torque capacity.
    • Flexible torque arm design.
    • Meets ISO “G” 30 Balance
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