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V-Belt Drives

Machined for vibration-free performance at speeds up to 6500 FPM. Stock sheaves have capacities ranging from 1/2" to 108". Models offered in four types for use in a variety of packaging applications.

TB Woods V Belt Drives
  • Premium V-Belt Drive

    • “Clutching” non-rubber surfaced cover allows momentary slippage due to excessive overloads without burning belts up.
    • KEVLAR* or aramid tensile cords give extraordinary strength, durability and virtually zero stretch.
    • Virtually zero stretch eliminates the need for constant belt re-tensioning.
    • Chloroprene rubber compounds provide superb oil and heat resistance.
    • Specially-treated extra tough cover withstands slip and shear forces at peak loads without generating excessive heat; fends off penetration by foreign materials.
    • Curve design compensates for effects such as sidewall bulge, which occur when belts bend around a sheave. This yields uniform loading, giving maximum belt life and even wear on the sheave sidewalls (eliminates dishing).
    • Double fabric cover creates maximum abrasion resistance that protects against wear caused by fine airborne dust in rock quarries and lumber mills, which can cause rapid belt sidewall wear resulting in early failures.
    • Over 20-50 percent more horsepower than standard V-Belts enables new equipment designers to utilize the full load-carrying capacity of these high-performance belts.
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