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700 Series PosiVent® Option

The PosiVent® features a unique pressure equalization system designed to keep water, washdown solution and other contaminants out of gearboxes in food processing applications. With this patent-pending design, gearbox failure associated with contaminants such as bakery dust entering and breaking down lubricants and causing premature failure is prevented.

    • Units are universally designed for any mounting position and lubricated with KluberSYNTH UH1 6-460
    • Unique single seam design provides trouble free performance
    • Boston Gear's standard lifetime warranty
    • USDA approved finishes are available in BostKleenTM and Stainless BostKleenTM
    • Ideal for dusty environments, washdown applications, and extreme temperatures
    • To order specify the letter "Z" for the vent option, in the 700 series catalog number.
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