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FBA Series Flywheel Coupling

The FBA coupling is a one piece, all steel drive coupling. The flywheel coupling attaches to the engine flywheel for easy installation. It takes advantage of the elastomeric grommets that provide a steady dampening effect to normal engine vibrations, and helps minimize any side loading to the pump shaft. The FBA provides an easy installation. There is no positioning of hubs to worry about. Simply plug the hydraulic pump into one of our mounting plates or housings, and the pump assembly can be blind fitted into the coupling hub. Pump spline lubrication is required with this design.

The FBA coupling is intended to be used with spline shafts only in hydraulic pump applications. The coupling will fit standard SAE flywheels, but is also versatile enough to fit non-standard SAE flywheel designs. Guardian offers this coupling from stock, and can be used on applications up to 450HP.

FBA Series Couplings
    • The FBA (Flywheel-Blind Assembly) coupling is a torsionally soft engine drive that has dampening characteristics.
    • Flywheel flanges are available in SAE sizes 6-1/2 thru 14 from stock, with many metric options available.
    • The FBA coupling is used worldwide in gas/diesel engine applications including; aerial lifts, skid steer loaders, excavators, and low mass compressors.
    • Withstands temperatures up to 212°F
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