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1EB Series Brakes

1EB spring-applied, electromagnetically released brakes provide high torque at high ambient temperatures in small space envelopes. The brakes feature low backlash for precision holding and parking in a variety of applications including golf carts.

1EB Series Brakes
    • Low noise
    • Diameters from 22mm (0.86 in.)
    • Voltage from 6 to 240 VDC
    • Spring-applied, electrically released brakes
    • Low backlash for precision holding applications
    • Torque ratings from 0.1 to 500 Nm (1 to 4425 in. lbs.)
    • Design configuration is particularly suitable for external mounting, simplifying retro-fitting to existing machinery • Only the hub and friction disc rotate, minimizing rotational inertia
    • Efficient magnet design reduces power consumption and heat generation
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