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PK (Very Thin) Enclosed Brakes

Captive Very Thin (PK) Series spring-applied motor brakes provide parking and emergency stopping functionality for outdoor applications.These standard units are enclosed to withstand harsh outdoor environments. IP67-Rated Models are available to meet challenging washdown application requirements.

These pre-assembled on/off, dry failsafe electromagnetic brakes are utilzed in combination with the AC motor for regenerative braking of the truck.

The low-profile design is particularly suitable for back-to-back dual drive configurations. The benefits of this cost competitive brake include: one piece design for easy assembly; lower power consumption; longer battery life; and overall lower maintenance costs.

Pancake Enclosed Brakes
    • Parking and stopping standard brake
    • Enclosed (captive) design
    • IP67 on request
    • High torque within a compact space envelope
    • Multi-step braking versions available
    • Low profile space saving design
    • Three models available
    Application Profiles
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