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ERD Electrically Released Dynamic Brake

The Electro-Released Dynamic brake (ERD) is a safety brake designed for dynamic applications. It is an on/ off dry failsafe brake. Torque value is defined for the trucks running at full speed and at full load. With high heat dissipation capabilities and adjusting spacers, it is particularly suitable for trucks which require frequent dynamic braking. The brake coil is encapsulated and is UL class F compliant. Friction material is organic.

    • Torque capacities 5 to 300 Nm
    • 8 different sizes
    • Bi-directional stopping capability
    • Spring applied brake
    • Fully dynamic braking
    • Wear and torque adjustments
    • Hand release option
    • Dust cover option
    • Thick / intermediate / thin flange
    • Variety of voltage available
    Application Profiles
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