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Dry HC Clutch

The Model HC (Dry Lining) clutches are designed to be used in either an end of shaft or through shaft mounting configuration. The use of 24 bar hydraulic actuation and multiple dry organic lined friction plates provides a clutch range with very high torque capability relative to overall diameter. The end result is a clutch that is compact dimensionally, while providing high torque in the smallest envelope space.

Wichita Clutch UK HC Dry Clutch
    • Pneumatic or hydraulic actuation
    • Internally splined outer drive ring for bolting to users driving or driven member
    • External drive ring available for incorporation of customers external drive spline within a component of their own manufacture. Enables designs where minimal axial space is desirable, by allowing the clutch to fit within the customers driving or driven component.
    • Hubs and drive rings are fully hardened and manufactured from high quality alloy steel forgings
    • Disc pack cores feature extra-heavy plate thicknesses to maximise torque and heat capacity
    • Friction materials provide high thermal load acceptance and smooth engagement performance
    • Designed for use in harsh external environments
    • Completely enclosed design incorporating a dust/water ingress seal between the rotating components
    • Optional 2-pack epoxy paint finishes for additional protection are available
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