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HH Series Couplings

The HH coupling is considered a safety jaw coupling that has progressive characteristics. For instance the dynamic torsional stiffness is enhanced while increasing the coupling load. This type of feature offers a distinct advantage in applications where a wide range is used and the torque increases with speed. The resulting characteristics provide the HH coupling with a relatively low torsional stiffness that places the critical speed (resonance) below the operational speed of the system.

HH Series Coupling
    • HIGH TORQUE CAPACITY - The HH coupling can accommodate applications up to 88,500 in-lbs.
    • MAXIMUM VIBRATION DAMPENING - The rubber grommets are available in three durometers 50, 60 and 75 shore A. The HH can be tailored to fit your application and reduce engine vibration to your driven equipment.
    • ENVIRONMENT - The coupling can operate in temperatures of -25 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • REDUCED SPLINE FRETTING - The HH coupling hub is made from a high strength cast iron that provides a sacrificial self-lubricating interface. The dampening characteristics of cast iron aid to reduce transmitted vibration as well. As a result of the design there is minimal maintenance required.
    • NO LUBRICATION REQUIRED - No need to lubricate coupling during service. We incorporate a rubber lubricant for ease of installation, however during service there is no lubrication required.
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