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VKSD-FL Disc Brake Caliper

The VKSD-FL (Floating) caliper is a spring-applied’ hydraulically-released disc brake which is comprised of a standard VKSD spring module and a VKSD floating module located on either side of a mounting plate. The plate can be made in any thickness to accommodate brake discs of 20 mm thickness or over. The minimum disc diameter is 1000 mm and there is no maximum. Braking force can be varied by a combination of air gap setting, shim thickness between the piston and end cover or by the use of hydraulic back pressure during braking.

Typically one or two calipers are used per disc, but the number may be increased depending on disc size. The brakes may be positioned at any angle around the periphery of the disc, but should ideally be mounted horizontally (i.e. at the 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock position).

Twiflex VKSD-FL Disc Brake Caliper
    • Spring-Applied – low pressure air release
    • 119 kN Braking Force
    • Non-asbestos lining materials with large pad areas for maximum heat dissipation
    • On-site torque adjustment to precisely match application needs “park-off” facility for fast pad changing without special tools
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