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Periflex® CS

Cardan shaft couplings for absorbing vibrations and reactive forces from the cardan shaft in construction machinery, tip trucks, rail and boat drives.

Stromag Periflex® CS couplings are designed for use with piston engines and are connected directly to a cardan shaft. The ring element can be screwed directly to the flywheel of an engine. The cardan shaft is flanged to the coupling's B side. Deflection angles up to 5° are generally permitted, greater angles on request.

Stromag Periflex CS Coupling
    • Highly flexible rubber couplings with linear characteristic for connecting a cardan shaft directly to a diesel engine.
    • Deflection angle of the cardan shaft of up to 5°.
    • The radial and axial forces generated by the cardan shaft are absorbed by an internal plain bearing and transmitted to the engine bearing.
    • Torque range between 560 Nm to 14.800 Nm.
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