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Warner Electric’s line of spring set electromagnetic released brakes are proven performers on hundreds of cranes throughout the world. Warner Electric’s experience with major cranes OEMs over the years has enabled them to develop reliable products for very demanding environments such as offshore and nuclear applications

Warner Electric ERD/ERDD Var03
    • Activated by spring pressure
    • Electrically released under 103.5VDC
    • For dry use only
    • Duty cycle 100%ED
    • No residual torque in disengaged position
    • Low response time
    • Encoder mounting holes
    • Airgap should be adjusted at installation
    • Wear compensation possible after dynamic use
    • Mounting flange
    • Torque adjustment
    • Transport screws (to remove after installation)
    • Power supply : CBC140-5 or CBC140-5
    • Service manual : SM300 or SM446
    Application Profiles