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Spring-Applied Brake NFF

The Spring-Loaded Electromagnetic Double-Face Brake NFF brakes without current and is released electromagnetically. With its high degree of protection the brake fulfils the highest requirements for durability and robustness. Applications: on harbour and marine cranes, in container transportation plant, for long travel drives, hoisting and trolley travel gears, suitable for seawater environment and similar harsh environments.

    • Braking torque range 20-10,000 Nm (higher on request)
    • Degree of protection up to IP 66
    • All components with special surface protection
    • Type approval: GL
    • Simple mounting, no brake disassembly required
    • Robust, reliable design with low inertia
    • Braking does not generate any additional axial or radial forces.
    • Excellent heat dissipation
    • Wide range of options like braking torque adjustment, manual release, tachmeter mounting, terminal box, anticondensation heater, microswitches for switching stage and/or wear indication
    • Rectifiers and quick switching units optimise switching comfort.
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