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Single Beam Couplings

The single beam coupling is more flexible than the multi-beam but less torsional rigid. Applications include: Stepper drives, encoders, general purpose light duty power transmission applications. Speeds range up to 5000 rpm in standard form and up to 30000 rpm in balanced form.

Single Helix Beam Couplings
    • Material Options: Aluminium, Stainless Steel
    • Speeds: Up to 5000 rpm
    • Peak Torque Largest Size lbs.-in (Nm): 266 (30) 
    • Standard Bores in. (mm): 1/8" 3/4" (3 to 26) 
    • Temperature: -40° to +290°F , (-40° to +140°C)
    • Electrically Isolating: Aluminium & Stainless Steel No , Acetal Yes
    • Connection: Clamp or Set Screw
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