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Delta Series Flywheel Coupling

Guardian has introduced the DELTA Series flexible coupling line for use on diesel-driven hydrostatic machinery and construction equipment. The cost effective DELTA single-piece design incorporates a splined and hardened steel hub that is pre-assembled into the glass-fiber reinforced flange. The DELTA coupling attaches to the engine flywheel, taking advantage of elastomeric grommets that provide a steady dampening effect to normal engine vibrations. Although the coupling incorporates rubber bushings for dampening, it is relatively stiff which allows equipment with low inertia to operate below the critical speed range.

This coupling is suited for accurately aligned drives that minimize misalignments. The DELTA Series is able to accommodate small angular, parallel, and axial misalignments that are typical to piloted flange connections. The DELTA Series couplings can achieve torque capacities of up to 6,130 IN-LBS nominally. These high performance couplings are designed for demanding applications on the latest tier engines.

DELTA Series Coupling
    • ACCEPTS STRAIGHT & SPLINED SHAFTS - The DELTA series steel hub can be manufactured with a straight bore and keyway with set screw retention for the straight pump shaft demands. A spline shaft connection is also acceptable and incorporates a "plugin" design.
    • SINGLE PIECE DESIGN - The DELTA's single piece design eliminates extra fasteners and reduces installation costs for blind splined-shaft set-ups. (Straight shaft connections consist of a two piece design).
    • ENVIRONMENT - This lightweight coupling is oil resistant and will provide a long service life in temperatures of -40 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • REDUCED SPLINE FRETTING - Elastomeric grommets absorb shock loading and reduce transmitted vibration - two major factors that contribute to pump spline fretting.
    • MINIMUM MAINTENANCE REQUIRED - The splined and hardened alloy steel hub is greased at assembly with lithium based grease that enables extended service intervals in service conditions up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • ECONOMICAL SOLUTION - The DELTA series by Guardian is an affordable way to provide higher torque ratings from our traditional designs, while benefiting from its dampening capabilities.
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