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Guardian Couplings

G Series Mount

Fits most engines made by Honda, Briggs, Kohler, Kawasaki, and Robin. These light weight aluminum castings mount directly to the engine pilot face and enable the drive of hydraulic pumps. Typically, a jaw coupling is provided with these castings as a kit.

G Series Motor Mount Adapters
    • LIGHTWEIGHT - Castings are manufactured from a high strength aluminum alloy.
    • APPEARANCE - Eliminates the use of coupling guards and shims. Castings are produced from a permanent mold casting process. We -3 offer various finishes upon request.
    • MINIMIZES VIBRATION - All of our castings are precision machined to strict tolerances on our state of the art CNC Equipment. After they leave the production area they are thoroughly inspected by our quality department which uses a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). This accomplishes accurate alignment between the motor and the pump, and reduces premature failure to the coupling element.
    • COST EFFECTIVE - Guardian mounts provides a no-hassle assembly of the pump and the motor. It eliminates the use of shims, additional mounting fixtures or foot mounts. As a result our pump mounts save our customers in labor cost and provides a worry free mounting system.
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