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PWH Series Couplings

Powerflex High Performance couplings have an innovative design that bring high reliability for transmissions in rotary machines.

They are projected to comply with most requirements of the API 671 standard, with respect to assembly. Hubs, guard rings and spacers are manufactured with high alloy steels, while flexible elements are made with high grade stainless steel and the fixture parts undergo rigourous quality control.

As a result of controlled assembly, interference pilot guide and screws with controlled tolerance insure the balancing integrity even after many assemblies.

The flexible coupling must handle two functions: (1) Transmit drive torque to the driven machine and (2) accommodate misalignment of the axles.

High Performance Powerflex couplings are specifically designed to handle these tasks required in critical actions such as: compressors, feeding pumps, injection pumps, generators, gas and vapor turbines and API 671 applications.

Lamiflex PWH Series Couplings
    • More flexibility.
    • Low reaction force.
    • Uniform stress distribution.
    • Reduced weight and inertia.
    • Compact assembly.
    • Hubs allow high bore capacity.
    • Use of materials with high mechanical resistance.
    • Tolerances and balancing that comply with the API 671 standard.
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