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Sure-Grip® Bushings

Sure-Grip® Quick Detachable bushings are easy to install and remove. Split-through flange and taper provide a true clamp on the shaft that is equivalent to a shrink fit. All sizes except JA and QT have a set screw over the key to help maintain the bushing’s position on the shaft until the cap screws are securely tightened. Versatile Sure-Grip® bushings permit the mounting of the same mating part on shafts of different diameters, and the mounting of different sheaves on the same shaft using the same bushing.

    • 6-hole drilling (most sizes) makes installation and removal quick and easy
    • Keyseat 180° from split. Precise taper (3/4 in. per ft. on diameter) provides proper wedging action
    • Saw cut through flange and taper (and sometimes cut down into keyway also) to provide a true clamp fit
    • Cap screws used to secure bushings to sheave and to remove bushing from sheave
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