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BSAK Series Brake Caliper

The BSAK Series hydraulic-applied, spring-released, multi-piston active brake family includes the following single, dual or quad action models to meet specific customer performance and footprint requirements:

  • BSAK 300 DS
  • BSAK 300 MS
  • BSAK 3000 DS
  • BSAK 3000 MS
  • BSAI D3000 DS
  • BSAI D3000 MS

These brakes are used for a range of different purposes, such as stopping and holding. With a minimal air gap the response time can be very short allowing for fast braking. The large brake pad area reduces wear and lowers the brake disc temperatures and stress, which extends the overall lifetime on the brake pads. Few moving parts and easy maintenance make for reduced operation costs. In case of leaking seals the drain ports collect the leaking oil and minimize the risk of oil getting onto the brake disc hereby improving safety.

A range of indicators, such as brake pad worn (when to replace) and brake pad temperature, can be fitted to the brake to detect and monitor the status of the brake functions.

Mono-spring brake versions consist of three parts: a caliper half-fitted with a spring pack(s) and a passive caliper mounted on a base plate suitable for side mounting. The brake caliper assembly is free floating on guide shafts allowing for axial disc movement.

BSAK Series Brake Calipers
    • Clamping force: 0 to 260,000N (depending on type)
    • Models are available with standard casting or steel construction.
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