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FCH 120 brake delivers a very high braking torque and is designed
to be mounted on the shaft of the low speed wind turbines. It can be
mounted on large disc diameters requiring a large clearance between
the linings and the disc.

This positive brake is fitted with :

  • pads locating stops which enable pads replacing without dismantling the half-calipers.
  • a device for hydraulic return of the pistons : it enables to push back the lining pads for an easy replacement
  • the ACR system: Automatic Control of the pads Return : It allows to keep a constant response time whatever the linings wear by means of a constant air gap between the lining pads and the disc.

    • Braking by application of hydraulic pressure
    • Fluid : mineral or synthetic oil
    • Brake to operate with full or controlled torque
    • Hydraulic return of the pistons device
    • Automatic Control of the pads Return (ACR)
    • Detection of full lining wear
    • Organic or sintered lining pads
    • Protection class C3-H standard ISO12944-2
    • Operating conditions :
      • wind turbine operating : 30°C to +60°C
      • park position without production : -40°C to +60°C
    • Braking Force up to 500 kN (static)
    • Option : Protection class C5M-H standard ISO12944-2
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