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Rotor Locks

Rotor locks are used in the wind turbine industry and are typically mounted to the turbine´s main rotor shaft, between gearbox and generator. A rotor brake is primarily intended for use as safety brake during emergency stops under high wind conditions. The rotor lock is activated by running the lock bolt into the lock disc using hydraulic power; a "locked" signal is then transmitted to the control system.

All Svendborg Brakes rotor lock units are engineered to handle the large output torque generated by the high ratios found in wind turbine gearboxes.

Rotor Locks
    • Control system notifies of turbine failure or breakdown
    • Failure notice monitored by main Service Department
    • Local service engineer dispatched to the site immediately, where decision is taken to put the turbine into Rotor Lock Mode - saving valuable service time
    • Rotor Lock Mode activated by remote control
    • Turbine rotor brought to a full stop by aerodynamic and mechanical brakes
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