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The type BCH 85 CR caliper brake has the same basic features as the type BCHM 90: high reliability, constant response time, simple construction, easy maintenance, automatic wear compensation and constant air gap over the entire lifetime of the pads. Furthermore, the BCH 85 CR is the most compact high speed brake currently available.

This caliper brake can handle high energy braking cycles up to 15 MJ when dynamic braking is required. It can also be mounted on any type of support, making it compatible with all wind turbine designs. .

    • Braking by application of hydraulic pressure
    • Braking force up to 85 kN
    • Pad exchange without disconnecting brake lines and caliper body
    • CR® (pad monitoring, optional)
    • Monitoring device for running in and end of pad life (optional)
    • Pt100 or PTC 140 temperature sensor (optional)
    • Leakage collector (optional)
    • C4 – C4 H protection class with hot metallization or painting per ISO 12944-2
    • Compact and suitable for every mechanical design
    • Choice of sintered or organic pad material
    • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +60°C
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