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CB 120 A

The brake caliper CB 120 A is characterised by its high braking effect and ease of maintenance. These advantages are the result of the following innovations (patented). The central web causes the braking force to be distributed over a total of six webs, thereby reducing considerably the load in the highly stressed area. As a consequence, higher braking forces can be generated.

Simple wear status query and easy replacement of the friction linings.

    • Active hydraulic brake for azimuth adjustments
    • Braking force FB = 0-510 kN
    • Setting the pressure adjusts the torque (full or controlled braking torque)
    • Surface protection class C4-H standard according ISO 12944-2 (excluding functional areas)
    • Option: surface protection C5 according Standard ISO 12944-2
    • Option: VCI packaging
    • Screws and discs are not included in delivery
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