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Fenix 08 Brake

Developed for the Elevator application, the FENIX Brake range offer the most reliable dampening system of the market. Using friction material specifically developed for this application by our own engineers, the FENIX 08 brake provide a high level of safety for your installation.

Warner Electric Fenix 08 Brakes
    • Compact design with torque from 100Nm up to 2500Nm
    • Single magnet and single friction disc
    • Low noise level through the life of the brake (<45db(a) out of box)
    • Speeds up to 3500rpm
    • Equipped with micro switch or proximity sensor
    • Nearly maintenance free (further information in our service manual)
    • Overexcitation (dual voltage) or single voltage
    • Customization on request
    • According to norm requirements (BGV-C1; DIN 56950-1; EN81-20/50, DGUV §17…)

    Several options available such as hand release, dust cover, connectors, …

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