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PK-S Brake

Specifically design for high speed & low torque application, PK-S Brake are the perfect fit for motor brake in stage & theater application. Equipped with a dampening system developed for elevator application, the PK-S brake is silent and can be used during the show without creating any disturbance.

Available in different voltage (Single or with over excitation), the PK-S brake can be equipped with different option such as micro switch to monitor the position of the armature, dust cover or hand release.

Warner Electric PK 20 Brake
    • Extra flat Single brake design
    • Low noise level (<55dB(A))
    • Torque range from 5Nm to 60 Nm
    • Speeds up to 7000rpm
    • Customization on request
    • According to norm requirements (BGV-C1; DIN 56950-1; EN81-20/50, DGUV §17…)

    Several options available such as hand release, dust cover, connectors, …

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