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Electro Hydraulic Power Units

Twiflex has consolidated decades of development to produce a range of electro-hydraulic power units to meet most application requirements. Each power unit has been designed for reliability, high performance and low maintenance, and is supplied with a comprehensive easy-to-read installation, operation and maintenance manual. The Twiflex datasheets contain user guides giving a step-by-step selection process. Contact Twiflex application engineers to discuss your requirements in detail

Ancillary Items
  • LC Electro Hydraulic Power Units

    • Stand alone power units is designed to operate with MR, MX, GMX, GMR and VCS spring applied hydraulically released brakes, providing a basic brake on/off control.

    MP Electro Hydraulic Power Units

    • Flexible brake control
    • Composed of one of three base modules, dictated by the size and number of calipers to be controlled, comprising motor, pump and reservoir.
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