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Spring applied and hydraulic released

Safety brakes are spring applied and hydraulic released, meaning that the braking starts, when the oil pressure to the brake disappears. Safety brakes can be used for a range of different purposes, such as parking and emergency stopping in case of power failure. The brake spring packs are sized to suit the individual specific braking requirements of the application. A range of indicators are available as accessories and can be fitted to the brake to detect and monitor the status of the brake functions, such as: brake pad wear, brake on/off status and brake lining temperature.

There are two variations of the Safety brakes:

The Dualspring brake consists of two caliper halves designed for mounting on a bracket. The Dualspring brake has two sets of spring packs making the intervals between required brake adjustments longer compared to a Monospring type brake.

The Monospring brake is a combination of three parts: a caliper half fitted with a spring and a passive caliper mounted on a base plate suitable for side mounting. The brake caliper assembly is free floating on guide shafts allowing for a certain degree of axial disc movement.

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