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Caliper Disc Brakes

Manufacturers of the world’s largest range of industrial caliper disc brakes, Twiflex offers standard and bespoke braking solutions for turbine applications. Brakes may be installed in the dry environment of a sealed nacelle, or exposed to seawater.

Typical actuation method may be pressure applied (direct acting) or spring applied and hydraulically released via the turbine system’s supply (or with a Twiflex-supplied dedicated power pack).

Paint and protection systems derived from experience in oil-and-gas, and general industrial applications, ensure the long-life and extended service intervals demanded by the industry may be met.

Twiflex Caliper Disc Brake Group
    • Lever caliper and ‘modular’ (piston and cylinder) types
    • Compact and robust designs for long service life
    • Suitable for stop, hold and emergency stop duties
    • Standard and ‘floating’ configurations
    • Simple installation
    • Long maintenance intervals
    • Comprehensive range permits fine-tuning of the braking solution
    • Lever brake design up to 200kN braking force per caliper
    • 'Modular' brake design up to 800kN braking force per unit
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