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The caliper type SHD7 is a fail-safe single-spring hydraulical caliper designed
for high speed shaft drives of wind turbines.

This caliper delivers high energy braking and is designed to be installed
directly onto the drive line gear box.

It delivers a high braking force for fail-safe use and offers also an optional
positive braking for starting use (SHD7E).

Wear Adjustment and Centering System (WACS) allows automatic air
gap centering and self-wear compensation, for easy maintenance and
reduced costs.

    • Hydraulic caliper
    • Direct acting caliper - Braking by spring application
    • Designed for 200,000 cycles
    • Opening and wear proving switches
    • Positive lining fastening
    • Organic or sintered lining pads
    • Operating conditions : -20°C to +60°C
    • Braking Force up to 60 kN
    • Options:
      • Positive braking
      • WACS : Wear Adjustment and Centering System
      • DM : Manual release tool
      • Lining prewear and full wear detection device
      • Opening and WACS fault detection device
      • Thermistors for detection and disc temperature
      • Marine protection
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