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Emergency brakes type TH/THC

By its compact design, the TH caliper can be where space is limited. The THC integrates the small Hydraulic power unit (C3 TB) to provide a complete braking solution for the customers,

    • Emergency brake
    • Fail safe braking
    • Braking by spring application
    • Hydraulic release
    • Opening proving switch
    • Lining wear proving switch
    • Linings with wear indicators
    • Association with discs th. 30 mm
    • Integral hydraulic power pack (THC9B)
    • Self-contained electrical unit (THC9B)
    • Braking Force (dynamic) up to 90 kN
    • Option:
      • Disc thickness : 42 mm
      • Progressive braking system (THC9B)
      Application Profiles
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