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Spring-Applied Brake BZFM V7

The Spring-Loaded Electromagnetic Double-Face Brake BZFM V7 brakes without current and is released electromagnetically. Applications: brake series for mounting at electric motors in general machinery, wind turbine generator systems and conveyor technology.

    • Braking torque range 3-380 Nm
    • Degree of protection up to IP 44 with rubber sleeve and seal ring on through shaft
    • Simple mounting, no brake disassembly required
    • Compact, simple design, standard brake for wide range of applications
    • The fitted friction pads present an intermittent friction surface for good heat dissipation
    • Axially flexible friction padsin the carrier allow high fastening tolerances
    • Fitted as standard with a manual release for simple retrofits
    • Adjusting ring fitted as standard for simple torque reduction up to 55% of the rated torque
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