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QT PowerChain® II Carbon

The QT PowerChain II Carbon belt drive system from TB Wood’s consists of a synchronous belt, sprockets, bushings and idlers that are all designed to work together to deliver the best value in power transmission – whether the application is low-speed or high-speed. When compared with standard roller chain, this powerful belt drive system provides important performance advantages and significantly reduces overall costs.

The new sizes of belts and sprockets along with increased power ratings (up to 46% higher than its predecessor) allow QT PowerChain II Carbon drive systems to be designed in widths narrower and more compact than ever before.

    • 8 mm Pitch, Drive combinations: 66,600+, Speed Ratios: 336
    • 14 mm Pitch, Drive combinations: 51,500+, Speed Ratios: 500
    • Operating Temperature Range: -65°F to +185°F (-54°C to +85°C)
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