Matrix International 1EB Series Brakes for Aerial Work Platforms and Stock Pickers

April 20, 2009
Construction Platform

Matrix International was selected to provide spring-applied, electromagnetically released multi-plate brakes for parking and emergency braking of a new line of boom lift trucks and aerial work platforms. The electrically powered vehicles are used in airports, shopping malls, office complexes and factories for construction and maintenance of interior lighting fixtures, ceiling mounted electrical wiring and air conditioning, etc.

Matrix redesigned its 1EB40-13 brake as a new model, PD2010-91C, to fit between the electric drive motor and a planetary reducer that functions as the wheel drive. The new model also incorporates friction plates made from an alternative material that provide a higher co-efficient of friction. Combined with a slightly higher spring force, the brakes maintain the torque capacity needed for two different truck models. The brakes feature sealed bearings at the output side to prevent the ingress of gear oil from the planetary reducer. Ferrous components are supplied with a zinc and chromate passivated finish. Matrix was chosen as the brake supplier because of our innovative design, quick response and strong reputation for quality.

Matrix 1EB Series Brake