Warner SF200 Clutch & PB110 Brake for Document Binding Equipment

April 19, 2009
Document Binding Equipment

Performance was the key to satisfying the demanding expectations of one of the world’s leading document binding equipment OEMs who expected the products of the clutch/brake supplier to operate efficiently for more than 5 million cycles. The friction material used on the Warner Electric SF200 (SL19) clutch and PB110 (FB11) brake withstood the life cycle testing better than competitor models.

The clutch and brake are used to index pages in the proper timing and speed required by the binding process. Accuracy in controlling the motion of the paper feed rollers, and in engaging the paper feed to stop when necessary, were critical to this application. In every function, the Warner Electric clutch and brake products exceeded customer expectations.

Also critical was the performance of the Altra team of engineers from both Warner Electric and Inertia Dynamics which produced rapid prototypes and responsive modifications for the customer’s engineering group who considered this new product development as one of their highest profile projects. The quality of Altra's customer service - listening to the "Voice of the Customer" - enabled Altra technical and sales staff to keep the project from being outsourced offshore.

Altra's local presence in Asia was also a key factor in maintaining this supplier relationship, since the customer had partnered with a Chinese electronics firm for assembly of the equipment. Specifically, Altra’s sales and manufacturing facilities in China were important to the customer. Altra brand Inertia Dynamics manufactures the clutches and brakes and exports them to the assembly facility via Warner Asia.

Warner Electric SF200 PB110