Warner Electric Modified SF-825 Clutch for Aircraft Deicing Truck

September 3, 2009
Deicing Trucks

Wright Bros. Aero provides aviation services including deicing, to general aviation aircraft and major carriers. The Aero deicing trucks were originally equipped to spray a mixture of water and Type 1 deicing glycol on airplanes prior to takeoff. Airports are changing their deicing procedures so aircraft are sprayed first with Type 1 to remove ice, then sprayed with Type 4 to prevent re-icing.

The trucks needed to be retrofitted with new piston pumps to handle the additional Type 4 anti-icing glycol application. The new, dual function pumps required a clutch with a higher torque capacity than the original clutches.

To meet the challenge, Warner Electric modified the SF-825 clutch by improving the efficiency of the magnetic circuit to achieve a high torque to diameter ratio and high torque to axial length ratio in a small package. With modifications, the new clutch provides 450 ft. lbs. of torque to meet the demands of the new pumps.

The modified SF-825 clutches are economical, drop-in replacements for the original clutches. The overall short clutch length allows for quick and easy installation.

Modified SF-825 Clutch